If you are a MtT Customer and you don't have sign in credentials to our Customer Portal (e.g.: if you purchased themes from us before August 2014), please enter below the 9-digit Share-it reference number of your order with us, in order to have your account created and get your sign in information. Along with that, please enter the email address you want to use with us.

In the email you will receive click "Activate my Account". Right after your account is activated, you will be able to access your purchased theme files, and get Technical Assistance regarding those.

Optionally, if you have purchased more than one products from us, rather than having to enter one-by-one all the Share-it reference numbers, you can simply list the names of the products you have purchased in the text-field, at the end of this form. Once validated with our records, your orders will show up under your MtT Account in our Portal.

Non MtT Customers

Please contact sales, using our Live chat at the side or our Contact form, for any questions.

In the email, that was delivered after the purchase, this number is mentioned as: "ShareIt Ref # = 999999999"
Please enter the email that was used for the purchase.
Please mention the products you have purchased.

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  • Thanks so much for your detailed answer. You guys are the best.

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    March 2017

  • Thank you so very much for the detailed instructions. I really appreciate it. I wasn't expecting it, but it is very helpful. We love your themes – keep doing great work!

    Jennifer Clayton

    Sticky Center Inc.
    March 2017

  • Thanks for the work on the theme. I've found it to be very good so far and built well, and I have no doubt I'll be buying more from you in the future.

    Simon Parry

    December 2016

  • Once again, your detailed feedback has been brilliant. It either solves issues at hand directly and/or I learn something essential which is immensely valuable – and saves me time and headaches.

    Peter Symes
  • All is good now.
    Thanks for your excellent support!

    David Cardinal

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    April 2015

  • I’m marking this as solved. You guys are awesome. I’ll never go anywhere else for my themes. Your service and support have been awesome and this was literally above and beyond. Thanks!

    Dan White

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    April 2015