Drupal 9 is here

And boy is it great.

We are excited at how the platform we love becomes even greater with the upcoming release of Drupal 9 and are working on bringing both new as well as our existing theme distributions to it, just like we did with Drupal 8 before.

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We follow closely the development of Drupal 9

We keep track of the decisions made, the discussions and the information exchanging that’s happening in the community and the dev channels — as they happen.

We keep our themes up-to-date with Drupal 8.x updates

During the pass from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, Drupal core was almost entirely rewritten, which made the migration challenging. With Drupal 9 things are different since the core architecture remains the same as Drupal 8. In essence, for a Drupal 8 website, which is updated to the latest Drupal 8.x version, upgrading to Drupal 9 will feel pretty much like another interim update.

Which is another why we have been updating all our Drupal 8 themes to all interim Drupal 8.x versions. Keeping our themes up-to-date with Drupal 8.x, not only makes our products you are using safer to use, it will also make your life simpler when you're ready to upgrade to Drupal 9.

We check 3rd-party modules that we use

We generally avoid bloating our theme distributions with tons of modules. We usually only include the modules that are tightly connected to the use case scenarios the product is prepared for.

For those modules that we do include with our products, then, we check their development progress and check their compatibility with Drupal 9. This will enable us to have a clear view on whether they can be included in our products once Drupal 9 lands.


If you're using one of our theme products, you're in good hands. We'll deliver Drupal 9 updates to your Drupal 8.x theme distributions as soon as it's safe to release those. And if you've been running the interim updates we provide free-of-charge, updating to Drupal 9 should be a straightforward process.

All we'd need you to do in the meantime, is update to the latest version of the theme of ours you're using on your site. You can download the latest version(s) from our portal, by logging into your customer account.

Real Life Words About Us

All contributed by real-life people.

  • I’m still and over and over again amazed by your professional help, a great theme conference+, exactly what we need at a fraction of the cost for people like us, a non profit organization (NPO) with low budjet. Awesome support - above and beyond...

    Lothar Matter, Webmaster and Vice President

    ISTDP Switzerland
    September, 2020

  • You rock! Thank you so much. You have restored my faith in Drupal. You gave Drupal a face it hardly ever had in terms of user experience at a fraction of the cost of ownership making it possible for people like me in developing economies to...

    John Obiorah, CEO/MD/CTO
  • Minimal plus is just an awesome theme, because it is at the same time clean and fancy, very different from the mass.

    Alberto Cascione

    Alberto Cascione
    April, 2020

  • Awesome support - above and beyond just fixing my problems to providing invaluable advice. Thanks so much!

    William Kudrle

    December, 2019

  • Drupal without More than Themes' code as a base would be unthinkable.

    Marilyn Perry
  • Just completed my new Showcase+ Drupal 8 web site. It's a super impressive theme with very intuitive customisation features.

    Colin Jones

    February, 2019