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  • Access Webmaker+ Pro with all its interchangeable themes
  • Access to all existing themes
  • Access to all theme updates released
  • Access to 8 new themes* released per year

(*) All the new themes will both work with Webmaker+ or standalone


Which of the buying options above allow me to use a theme in multiple domains?

Pro, Enterprise and our Get All Themes bundle of all themes allow you to use themes in multiple domains.

Difference between Commerce-ready and bundled with an installation Profile with Drupal Commerce?

Drupal Commerce-ready means that the theme is coded and thoroughly tested to be compatible with Drupal Commerce, e.g.: all the necessary CSS classes are included. Bundled with an installation Profile with Drupal Commerce means that along with installing the theme using our Installation profile, you can also install using the extra profile the built-in Drupal Commerce so that it works out of the box.

Can I remove footer credits and social media links or change those with mine or my client’s?

Absolutely. These are there only as a way of showcasing how you can make use of those under real-life circumstances. Go ahead and remove them or change them to your own or your client’s.

Say I have decided to get all themes for one year. What happens when my subscription expires? Will I be able to keep using the themes?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed. Before it does and before you are re-billed, you will receive email notifications informing you of the upcoming re-bill, so that you can opt out at any time. If your subscription expires you will be provided with an option for renewing it within the first 30 days. If you don’t wish to renew your subscription, you will still be able to use all the themes you have already downloaded without limitations. However, you won’t be able to access new themes, or updates to your existing themes.

What’s included in the installation service, if I get the Enterprise version?

Refers to one (1) clean installation on your server, using our installation profile. This installation takes place within 24 hours after purchase, on work days. In case of purchase during the weekend, installation takes place within 24 hours of the first work day after the weekend.

Say I have decided to get all themes for one year. How long will I receive theme updates and support for?

You will receive updates and support for one year from the day your Membership starts.

Do you phase out themes from time to time?

Yes, we do. Web design practices and web development technologies advance at a rapid pace.

If we believe that a theme is left too far behind from modern web standards, we may phase it out at some point. If you are a bundle customer, that older theme is not deleted from your account, so you do not lose the right to download its last available versions (e.g.: for older sites of your end-clients).

This is also the reason why the total theme count available in the bundle may sometimes seem “stable” after a new theme has been released; another theme may have been phased out.

What is the difference between Basic Support, Priority Support and Premium Support?

All requests, for either Basic, Priority or Premium Support are handled with the same devotion. The difference among them lies in the speed of responses, and the kind of assistance each model provides.

Priority Support (included in the Pro edition), is guaranteed to provide you high priority responses within 24 hours after every request. Premium Support and includes top priority support responses via email, exclusive Live Support, as well as Remote Connection to your server or computer to help out, if the need occurs.

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What do I get with each theme, as part of my MtT Club Membership?

You get for each theme the exact same wealth of resources, that the Pro Edition of the theme includes. Feel welcome to check out what’s included in the Pro Edition of some of our themes, as reference.

How do I get access to the theme files, whenever I need to?

As an MtT Club Member you will get your own account and private space in the MtT Portal. By logging in in the Portal, you can get access to all themes available at the time of your Membership, including latest updates and previous editions of those.

Standard features
Easy installation in 1’

With its straightforward installation process, it’s easy to have a clean installation of the product up and running in a minute. Right after that, all you have to do is replace the "dummy" content with yours and your site is ready.

Built with SEO in mind

Carefully crafted to comply with the best practices recommended for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility with all major SEO-related Drupal modules and practices.

Automated image resizing

All our themes come with built-in and preconfigured ImageCache module for automated image resizing. You just upload your photos and they are placed in the way they should be.

Cross-browser compatibility

Thoroughly tested to be fully compatible with all modern web browsers on both desktop and mobile.

Social media integration.

"Follow me" links are built-in into the design and functionality. But that’s the beginning; each theme comes with “deep” built-in integration with your social media accounts.

Clean HTML5/CSS3; no hacks

We do our best to leave our code clear. We want you to easily read, understand and modify our code without pain.

Top-of-the-class typography

Thoroughly researched typography, with custom text styles for all HTML elements (text, list, form, tables) and support for Google fonts.

More than just support. Help.

We are experts in Drupal, love what we are doing and are serious about helping you. It's real help you will be getting, not cliché responses.

Hands-on testing
What’s in the pack

A Drupal distribution with our premium theme and an installation profile or DB dump, which makes it easy to run a clean installation that looks just like our live demo (without the demo images). Right after, all you have to do is replace the "dummy" content with yours.

A simple Drupal theme, which you can install on top of any Drupal site.

Theme Documentation

Each theme comes with high quality documentation but that’s just part of what’s there. As a theme license owner, you get Full Access to our Support Center with continuously updated content based on the most Frequently Asked Questions.

How to test the theme

You can get a feeling of how the theme feels like with your own content, by using our Playground. Use the following credentials to enter: user: guest, pswd: play

Have a pre-sales question?

Need help selecting this or any theme? Aren't sure whether it matches your needs?

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Real Life Words About Us

All contributed by real-life people.

  • I’m still and over and over again amazed by your professional help, a great theme conference+, exactly what we need at a fraction of the cost for people like us, a non profit organization (NPO) with low budjet. Awesome support - above and beyond...

    Lothar Matter, Webmaster and Vice President

    ISTDP Switzerland
    September, 2020

  • You rock! Thank you so much. You have restored my faith in Drupal. You gave Drupal a face it hardly ever had in terms of user experience at a fraction of the cost of ownership making it possible for people like me in developing economies to...

    John Obiorah, CEO/MD/CTO
  • Minimal plus is just an awesome theme, because it is at the same time clean and fancy, very different from the mass.

    Alberto Cascione

    Alberto Cascione
    April, 2020

  • Awesome support - above and beyond just fixing my problems to providing invaluable advice. Thanks so much!

    William Kudrle
    December, 2019

  • Drupal without More than Themes' code as a base would be unthinkable.

    Marilyn Perry
  • Just completed my new Showcase+ Drupal 8 web site. It's a super impressive theme with very intuitive customisation features.

    Colin Jones

    February, 2019